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Tailoring the needs of businesses to suit them for success

Gil Pagan, President and CEO of Lease A Sales Rep, describes himself emphatically as a born entrepreneur, but it’s not something he always knew about himself.  Before  venturing  out

onto his own, Pagan had a medical staffing background, working for a company which he helped grow exponentially. After realizing he’d hit the ceiling in that job, he moved on through several other jobs with different companies, yet always felt like he was missing his calling.

“I didn’t know I was an entrepreneur,” explains Pagan. “I eventually started my own business from the basement of my house in Staten Island in 2003, basically to feed my family. And I used my contacts in medical staffing and healthcare because I was doing sales and business development. I came out of healthcare, so my background is all healthcare academically.”

Finally feeling like he’d discovered the right niche for him, Pagan pushed on and developed his own company rapidly. Lease A Sales Rep provides sales support and sales execution programs for businesses. They focus on increasing sales through the provision of experienced inside and outside sales teams working on-site or off-site to grow the sales pipeline. Their specialties include inside and outside sales, cold calling, appointment setting, lead generation and phone sales.

“I contacted other medical staffing companies that needed contracts with hospitals and nursing homes,” says Pagan. “I had the skill set, so they started saying, ‘Hey, Gil, we can use the contracts, absolutely!’ so I started dialing for dollars in the basement of my house in Staten Island. I had a phone and computer, just dialing, dialing, boiling room stuff, just dialing, dialing! Getting contracts, getting contracts! I said, sure I can do this. This is easy!”

Pagan then moved into Manhattan, where he got a small 150 square foot office and hired his first salesman. Things were moving along even quicker than he’d anticipated.

“We started banging out more calls,” says Pagan. “Got more contracts, next thing you know, I started exploding, I started growing. Then I opened up a larger office and larger office, and that’s how I started my business. I’d been in New York eight years when I started the company. I moved here to Raleigh because my brother lives in Fuquay Varina. We loved North Carolina.”

Today, Pagan has clients across the country, with sales reps in California, Texas, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania in addition to North Carolina, New York and Florida offices. He describes his company as a full-scale sales outsourcing organization that can fit a client’s particular need.

“We have an outsource sales model that’s customizable for a client,” Pagan explains. “So, a client needs leads, and they don’t need anything else, we give them leads. If they need meetings with decision-makers because they’ve got sales reps that can close business, they don’t need us for that, we’ll set up meetings for that.  If they want to open up a new market, but they don’t want to set up a new office, they want to use our infrastructure, because we’re already there, we’ll do that for them. So, depending upon what they need, we’ll tailor our sales model to meet that need. So, we’re basically an outsource sales solution for a company that fits their sales process, or their life-cycle, for 10, 15, 30 years.”

Pagan says his clients range from what he calls “solo-preneurs” to large publicly traded Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in fields such as healthcare, technology software, construction, advertising, banking and finance, and life science. What these clients have in common Pagan explains is a certain “pain” that needs addressing.

“Their pain is that they either do not have enough leads in the funnel, they’re not getting enough meetings with decision makers, or for some reason they do not have enough infrastructure to roll out a new product,” he says. “There’s some kind of pain going on. We have to figure out what that pain is, which part of the sales process. What’s your pain? How can we help relief that pain? So we’re going to be your Tylenol, your Aleve, we’re going to take that away, and we present a solution.”

He goes on to say, “A lot of these people running businesses are not entrepreneurs, they are the technicians, and they can’t market it or even see the value, at the smaller end. The larger companies have difficulty finding the right people. They can’t find the people so they end up calling us.”

Sometimes there is an inherent fear that companies have about using an outsource sales company. Pagan chalks this up to the issue of control.

“They have this element, or fantasy that they really have control over their people,” he says. “They think that because the sales rep is working inside, that they actually have control over him or her.  That’s all psychological. Once they get over the hump of control, they say we’re going to outsource this function, because we realize we can’t do it well ourselves.”

In regards to knowing a company’s product inside and out, Pagan says that’s really not a chief concern in the ways that Lease A Sales Rep can help.

“I don’t need to know what your product is,” he explains. “I just need to know enough about what it does, what does it cost, where do you stand in the market place, how it solves somebody’s problem. That’s all I need. I don’t need to know how you make it. I’d rather know how it takes away the pain. My pain is, ‘I can’t collect on a customer, I can’t collect on a customer that I’m billing.’ So, let’s get you a billing management software product that tickles you 30 days before the invoice is due, so you can email them or pick up the phone and call them. So they can increase your cash flow, that’s how the software is going to take away your problem. I don’t need to know how it works.”

Pagan’s energetic personality doesn’t stop with his entrepreneur side. He is also an ordained Pentecostal minister, and says that he runs his business based on biblical principles.

“It’s a Christian owned and operated organization,” says Pagan. “We deal with our employees using Christian values, and we also deal with our clients the same way. Our mission statement, although it’s not in our website, I’m going to eventually put it there, says “To prosper businesses through the works of our hands.” So when they prosper, we too shall prosper. So everything we do in that organization needs to focus on that mission.”

Currently, Pagan is at work on a book and also has a radio show and blog focused on growing businesses using biblical principles.

“We have interviewed a lot of people,” he says. “Some of them are clients, and some of them are just CEOs that I interviewed on their business on the radio show. Some of them are believers, some of them are not. You don’t have to be a Christian to be on the show.  I’ll talk about your business and we’ll talk about issues. If you’re a believer, great, if you’re not, then alright, fine. We deal with a lot of people who are not believers in our business.”

As for the future of Lease A Sales Rep, Pagan says he plans to continue expanding and, as with most things in his life, he has every intention of going full out.

“We have some relationships with Brazil, Chile, Germany and we’re looking at China,” he says. “We’re looking to go international in the next couple of years, and we’re looking to open up another office in the west coast to handle that part of the U.S.”

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