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GreenePerfect Match
Reaping the rewards of innovation and commitment to quality

Story by Sarah Van

Though the economy said “don’t do this now,” Gary Greene knew starting an employment solutions company was the right decision for him because he saw the need for a new and innovative approach.

After working at a large RTP firm for ten years, Greene set out on his own in 2000 to start Greene Resources, which is now a thriving company dedicated to improving clients’ productivity and profitability by helping recruit and develop talented employees.

Hiring the right people for more than just the right skill set is what Greene recognized to be a company’s real need. He knew that he had the ability and know-how to start and grow the opportunities before him.

“I realized I really liked the recruitment and placement industry,” he says. “It was fun, but I knew there was a new and better way to serve both the clients and the candidates.”

Because the economy was not strong at the time and no one was hiring, Greene talked with a number of financial, legal and personal friends about his business endeavor and was cautioned about the difficulties.

“I went into the business fully aware that I would need to grow it incrementally and in a way that was sustainable,” he says. “This has been key to our ongoing success.”

He credits the continued support of his local mentoring and coaching group with helping to keep him on track.

“My growth and to-date success would not have happened today except for their expert on-going help and advice,” he says.

The uniqueness of Greene’s approach is demonstrated in numerous ways, including his company’s pricing plan. Greene Resources delivers a managed service program. The company’s financial approach is what Greene calls an “open book” with clients.

“We develop and work with a smaller client base and share an open relationship on how the pricing works and a level of flexibility so that everyone gets what they need : the client, the candidate and Greene Resources,” he explains.

Additionally, Greene says his company sets itself apart from the thousands of recruiting firms in existence today by focusing on “commitment, vision, flexibility, and innovation” with its clients.

Greene’s company works hard to find a true match between a candidate and job opportunity. This kind of match does not happen by just looking at resumes and surface skill sets. When someone meets with a Greene Resource associate, there is a defined process.

“Having a process is a tremendous part of success, but it is always customizable as appropriate,” he explains. “Taken to an extreme, we work with only a group of core customers in industry that has earned that privilege. This advantage gives a competitive edge to the candidate, client and the business.”

Greene Resources has continued to make sure that they give the “value adds” options that their clients have come to expect.

“Our newest innovation is their own dashboard to allow them to monitor and measure the process they have committed to achieve,” says Greene. “By offering this feature as a value add, we are able to stay more closely involved with our clients, thus they return to us when they have challenges or opportunities.”

The criteria for internal success at Greene Resources includes working with the right team, providing consistent quality service with honesty and integrity, focusing on fewer customers, and giving back to the community.

This recipe has earned the company a number of accolades in recent years.

“These awards are truly the outcome of the great people we have on our teams,” says Greene.

In 2008, Entrepreneur Magazine recognized Greene Resources as one of the 100 Hottest Companies in the nation, and for the past five consecutive years they have been recognized as one of the fastest-growing privately owned companies in the Triangle. Greene is very proud as well that his company was the first recipient of the RSM McGladrey Integrity In Business Award, which he now helps sponsor.

“When we were first awarded the Integrity in Business award, I knew it was a program we wanted to be intimately involved with after that time. I know that if we do not continue to operate and practice from a place of integrity, we will have failed in our vision,” says Greene.

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