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Don Emmett, Managing Director at Entrust Associates, and I recently met with Ken Henke, Owner of Secur-Tek, a Triangle-area business where home- and business owners can turn for home security and other automation systems.henkeWhen we first met Ken, he greeted us with a firm handshake, introduced himself and led us up a flight of stairs to the meeting room where we would sit and get to know a bit about him and his business. He exuded a no-nonsense attitude, and after a few moments of getting to know us, we got right down to business, starting with a little history of Secur-Tek and how it came to be. 

Ken has been in the security industry since 1983; after coming to North Carolina from Florida and staying with his uncle for a month, Ken was told that he would have to get a job. And that was the beginning of this great story. Seven years into his first security job, Ken was ready to branch out on his own, and so in 1990 Secur-Tek was born.

With his experience thus far in the security industry, Ken built his business as a means of providing quality alarm systems to his customers. As the business grew, additional disciplines and product lines were added, including intercom systems, Bose® whole house music and theater systems, Dirt Devil™ central vacuum systems, and Control4® home and commercial automation systems.

When asked about challenges he has faced and how he has managed them, Ken tells us that through the last 25 years he has learned to make good decisions, admit to and learn from mistakes, hire good people and treat them well, and most importantly to keep focused on the business and its mission and not to get sidetracked. He has seen competitors diverge from the path, a decision that has not served them well. Fortunately, with perseverance, discipline, excellent customer service and knowledgeable technicians, Secur-Tek has survived downturns in the economy and continues to grow. Ken is thankful that he has had a good support system—family, employees, customers and vendors that have helped the business, develop and maintain an excellent reputation in the industry, and have brought in leads.

And what does the future hold for Ken Henke and Secur-Tek?

Having taken “the upticks as they come and managing the downticks as they come,” Ken is at the point where he is enjoying the benefits of having a successful business. He still enjoys what he does; he’s still staying focused, and will continue to offer products and services to customers in the Triangle area and Eastern North Carolina.

With that being said, Secur-Tek is here to stay, and Ken is certainly the man to make that true.

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