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Small Business Insight  The concept for Small Business Insight was born out of a group of small business owners in the Hampton Roads area who experience a common need. Having searched for a publication to discuss the countless issues of importance to someone developing a growing company, we finally decided to take the entrepreneurial approach and start our own publication to fulfill that need. We hope Small Business Insight  will give area business owners a way to better communicate with each other as well as a forum to learn, develop relationships and share both the difficulties and joys of growing a business. We offer a variety of articles on small business issues as well as profiles of successful local companies. We also wanted to build a community of small business people by offering a variety of networking experiences by which we can all learn from each other.

Bill Davis

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Team Nimbus of North Carolina, Inc. Work 3801 Computer Dr. Suite 101 Raleigh NC 27609 Work Phone: 919-926-9810 Website: Team Nimbus

Bill Davis is a business coach and owner of Team Nimbus of North Carolina, a small business advisory firm specializing in coaching and training small business owners and sales professionals to grow their businesses to provide them with the resources and time to live the lives they want. He is also publisher of Small Business Insight.


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